How to Use RCRA Online?

How to Perform a Basic Search

The Basic Search function enables the user to search the RCRA Online database and the attached documents for any string of letters and numbers. The Basic Search functionality exists in the side bar search as well as the home page search that is titled “Find Documents in RCRA Online!”. Search strings can contain letters, numbers and the characters: colon (:), backslash (\), period (.), and ampersand (&). You can also search for citations that contain parentheses, For example, you could search the Regulatory Section for the number: 261.6(a)(2). You may select to view all document types or narrow your selection to publications, question & answers or memos. By default, the “Include partial word search” word option is selected. This means it will search all available fields and return all results that contain the search input. If you require an exact match for a field, unselect this check box. To perform the search, click on the “Search RCRA Online” button in the side bar search, or the “Search” button on the home page. The database will display a list of all the documents and records that meet the search parameters. To view detailed information on a particular document, simply click on the document title.