How to Use RCRA Online?

Search Tips

To perform a search of the RCRA Online database, the user must first decide what type of search will best serve their needs. Browse topics will allow the user to view all the documents that deal with that particular topic. A basic search allows the user to search for a word or phrase contained in the actual text of the document as well as the Title, Description, Date, Author (From), Recipient (To), Organization, EPA Document Number, NTIS Number, RPPC Number, RPC Number, RCRA Online Number, Regulatory and Statutory Citations, and Link of each document stored in the database. An advanced search lets the user search by specific variables like date or document number, as well as full text searching of words and phrases.

Viewing Details

After performing a search, RCRA Online will provide a list of all the documents that meet the user's search parameters. To view the detailed information on any particular document, the user can simply click on the title of the document and the system will display the detailed information for the selected item. The detailed information contains the relevant document numbers and regulatory citations among other things.

Accessing the Document

Once the user has reviewed the detailed information on a particular document, he or she can view the actual text of the document by clicking on the pdf icon from the Record Detail page. The user may then print out a hardcopy version of the document.