How to Use RCRA Online?

How to Perform Advanced Search

Using the advanced search function allows the user to search the database using specific criteria. The user may locate documents by date, author, recipient, title, regulatory section, statutory citation, RCRA Online Number, RPPC number, NTIS number, or EPA document number. The advanced search will also allow the user to search the database and the attached documents for any string of letters and numbers (this searches the title field, description field, and the full text of all documents). When searching for full text, the advanced search gives the user the option to search for word variants (i.e., regulate will find references to regulation and regulatory), and for word synonyms. The database will display a list of all the documents that meet the search parameters and the number of documents found at the bottom of the Search Results page. To view detailed information on a particular document, simply click on the document title.

Note: A RCRA Online full text search can contain only letters, numbers, and the characters: colon (:), backslash (\), period (.), and ampersand (&). You can also search for citations that contain parentheses, For example, you could search the Regulatory Citation for the number: 261.6(c)(3).

What is "Date"?

All items cataloged in RCRA Online are dated. Format for the date is mm/dd/yy. For letters and memos, RCRA Online uses the date the letter or memo was written. For MRQs, the date indicates the month the MRQ was published. All MRQ dates are formatted as mm/01/yy.

What is "Title"?

RCRA Online includes titles only for items with a previously identified title.

What is "To"?

The "To" field identifies the recipient of each letter and memo cataloged in RCRA Online. MRQs do not have individual recipients.

What is "From"?

The "From" field identifies the author of each letter and memo cataloged in the RCRA Online. MRQs do not have individual authors.

What is "Organization of Recipient"?

The "Organization of Recipient" field identifies the company, firm, agency, or other organization of the recipient. MRQs do not have individual Recipients.

What is "File Text"?

When you search for documents using the File Text field, RCRA Online searches four fields in the RCRA Online database; the title field, description field, RCRA Online Number field, and the full text of all documents.

Note: A RCRA Online keyword search can contain only letters, numbers, and the characters: colon (:), backslash (\), period (.), and ampersand (&)

What is "Statutory Citation"?

The "Statutory Citation" field indicates those specific citations referenced in the document text. Please note, however, even in the absence of a citation, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), 42 U.S.C. s/s 6901 et seq (1976), forms the legal basis for the entire RCRA program, including all rules, regulations, and RCRA Online guidance. You can also link to The "Statutory Citation" field in the detail screen now displays the values as hyperlinks that link to the specific public laws found at the Legal Information Institute web site (

What is "RCRA Online Number"?

The RCRA Online Number is a unique five digit document code assigned to each memo and publication in the RCRA Online database. Memo's have a 5 digit code that begin with the number one (1). Publications have a 5 digit code that begin with the number five (5). Users may retrieve memo's and publications using this number through the Full Text and Advanced Search screen.

What is "RPC Number"?

The RPC number is an identification number unique to RCRA Online. Each number is comprised of two fields. The first field corresponds to the date the document was issued, and the second field differentiates between documents issued on the same day (i.e., 1/23/95-01 represents the first memo received that was dated January 23, 1995). Users MUST use both components in order to retrieve documents by RPC number.

What is "RPPC Number"?

The RPPC number is a historical reference; it was a unique identification number assigned to each document that was contained in the RCRA Permit Policy Compendium. Some SOCs and MRQs may also have RPPC numbers if they have been incorporated into the compendium. Each RPPC number has three parts: 9444.1986(01). The first four digits correspond to a particular topic within the compendium. The second four digits correspond to the year in which the guidance was issued. The numbers in parenthesis differentiate between memos issued in the same year dealing with the same topic.

What is "NTIS Number"?

The NTIS number is an identification number assigned to Monthly Call Center Reports for ordering from the National Technical Information Service (800-553-6847). Entire Monthly Call Center Reports containing MRQs are available for purchase from NTIS using this document number. NTIS numbers may be in one of two formats: PB94-234 456 or SUB-9224-97-006.

What is "EPA Document Number"?

The EPA Document Number is an identification number assigned to Publications and Monthly Call Center Reports. Searching by an EPA document number will generate a list of all of the Publications or MRQs that were published in the Monthly Call Center Report associated with the EPA document number. When searching by EPA document number, use the complete document number (e.g., 530-R-93-004a).”

What is "Memo/Letter"?

The "Memo/Letter" field identifies a wide array of EPA documents, including memoranda issued by the Agency to the states and regions on how to implement a RCRA regulation or policy, letters in response to public concerns about hazardous and solid waste management, and letters written to explain to the regulated community how to follow the promulgated regulations and policies.

What is "Question and Answer"?

Previously, the RCRA, Superfund & EPCRA Call Center published a report that included frequently asked regulatory questions and answers that were approved by EPA, commonly referred to as Monthly Report Questions (MRQs). The "Question and Answer" field identifies these questions and answers.

What is "Publication"?

This field indicates RCRA publications (usually assigned an identification number, e.g., 530-R-93-004) in RCRA Online. Examples include technical manuals, industry-specific publications, and other RCRA-related documents.

What is "Official ORCR Policy"?

The "Official ORCR Policy" field indicates policy, guidance, and interpretive documents that the Agency intends to use or rely on for the implementation and enforcement of its statutes and regulations.