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List of Permitted Sites

This report identifies a list of permitted sites* in the location selected. Permitted sites require permit maintenance, e.g., permit modifications and renewals, in order to keep the standards up to date. The list can be narrowed down by selecting sites with certain unit types (processes) on the second line below.

*The "Permitted Sites" identified in the list above are the ones with at least one unit having (1) the following legal status: operating permit, post-closure permit, pre-mod authorization, and (2) also having the following operating status: operating, actively managing hazardous waste, inactive/closing, but not yet RCRA closed, closed with waste in place, converted, delay of closure, newly transferred ownership to this site, and referred to corrective action for closure/post-closure. The legal and operating statuses are codes in RCRAInfo. Each unit at a facility has a legal and operating status.