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Hazardous Waste Type Summary

For Biennial Report purposes, sites must provide the source code for wastes that were generated on-site, and form codes for wastes that were generated on-site or received from off-site. A source code describes the type of process or activity from which a hazardous waste was generated. A form code describes the general physical and chemical characteristics of a hazardous waste.

The Hazardous Waste Type Report provides the number of generators, managers, shippers, and receivers, along with the quantity of waste generated, managed, shipped, and received, for the source code and/or form code selected.

To produce the Hazardous Waste Type Report, select a report cycle and a location and a waste type. Note: Select National to produce the report for the nation or select a Region to produce the report for the States in that Region. Additionally, specify a source code and/or a form code of interest. If you specify a source code (either by itself or also with a form code), the results will not show the number of receivers or the quantity of waste received, since wastes received do not have a source code associated with them.

Once you specify the report cycle, location, waste type, form and/or source code and wastewater, click "Submit" to generate the report.