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Ownership, for the purposes of this website, is defined as the land owner, company owner, or company operator. Five types of ownership are captured (in hierarchical order): 1) Federal, 2) State, 3) Tribal, 4) Local, and 5) Private. If a site falls into more than one ownership type, the site will be counted and included in the type highest in the hierarchy. For example, if the site has a "state" land owner and a "private" company owner and operator, the site will be counted and included in the "state" totals but will not be counted or included in the "private" totals.

The Ownership Report provides the number of hazardous waste generators, managers, shippers, and receivers, and the total quantity, in tons, of hazardous waste generated, managed, shipped, and received for each ownership type for the reporting year specified. The individual sites that comprise the summary information may also be ascertained.

To produce the Ownership Report, select a location (State, Region, or National) and reporting year. Additionally, specify the ownership type of interest. If you specify "All", the report will include all ownership types.

Once you specify the location, ownership, and reporting cycle, click "Submit" to generate the report.