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Sites List

The Sites List allows the user to find a specific site by providing a Date Range and Entity Type and optionally, a Site ID, Site Name, City, Location (State or National), and/or Zip Code. The criteria provided is used to search for sites from the data within RCRAInfo. The site must meet all criteria provided in order to be shown on the report. If a Location of "National" is selected, you must specify additional search criteria.

The Date Range criteria that you provide will return manifests meeting the criteria from the date the data was last refreshed. For example, if you specify a Date Range Type of Shipped Date and a Date Range of 90-120 Days, you will receive manifests (that also meet the other criteria that you provide) with a Shipped Date more than 90 days and less than 120 days from the date that the data was last refreshed, NOT from today's date.

The report will show all valid results for the search criteria provided as it appears on the manifest. That is, a search for a particular Site ID may result in multiple rows if the information for the site (i.e., site name or address) is different between the manifests.

(from the date the data was last refreshed on 08-09-2022)